Mother Natures Rescue


Mother Natures Rescue -

MNR is a not for profit rescue that cares for baby squirrels by being a temporary caregiver until they are ready to return back to their natural habitat............ usually with in four to six months of their arrival. 

We are a small wildlife group that runs solely off money out of pocket and from donations when given.


Serving Lakeland / Central Florida since August 2007


                Our 1st Baby Squirrels (2007)  /  Max & Mia - The M&M Twins


                                                                (2008)   ~ MAX ~   (2008)

 * * * *    * * * *

                                Southern Flying Squirrels (2009)


                         Picasso (2010)  &  The 3 AMIGO'S (2011)



LIFE is not Measured by the Number of Breaths We Take, but By the Moments that Take our Breath Away

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