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                             ~  BASIC MEDICAL CARE  and  ADVICE  ~ 

                                          most medical problems require the service of a VET

Home Medicine - OTC

1.  Gas X - (infant gas drops) use to relieve bloat and gas  --->  1 to 2 drops every hour up to 4 hours

2.  Pedia Lax  - (infant stools softener) use to relieve hard stools / constipation

3.  Motrin - (infant ibuprofen) - use for mild to moderate pain ---> 1 drop for squirrels 2 mths and older

4.  Kaopectate - use to stop mild diarrhea (please see vet to determine cause of) does NOT cure it

5.  Tums (with calcium) - use to stop Seizures & treat MBD (temporary fix) see link for more info MBD

6.  Mineral Oil -  use to remove mites and their debris from ears  ---> Rub on ear then Gentle Rub off

7.  Benadryl - (children's formula)  use to deal with itching and allergic reactions ---> call your VET

8.  Molasses or Syrup - can help when lethargic from lack of eating (low blood sugar) and after a Seizure

9.  Vetri-DMG - homepathic booster for both the neurological and immune system ---> NOT for HUMANS!

10. Activated Charcoal - for poisoning, binds to toxins to prevent stomach and intestinal absorption

11. IPECAC - used to induce vomiting when needed ------->  but rarely used 

12. Bach Rescue Remedy - used to calm the animal before a vet visit or when having their teeth trimmed

13. Diatomaceous Earth (DE) - Flea and Worm control for in door and out door squirrels (natural / safe)

14. Capstar - used to treat maggots in wounded squirrels - 1/4 tablet crushed given in water - ASAP!!

15.  Fish Tapes (Praziquantel) - used to rid a squirrel of tapeworms.  Dose and amount based on weight.

Treating FLEAS

DAWN DISH SOAP - 2 months & under, wash and dry completely ---> keep warm!

REVOLUTION - 8 weeks & older (1 drop of kitten formula) between shoulder blade (good for 1 month)

Rx - Office Visit with VET NEEDED!!

1.  Baytril - a broad spectrum antibiotic, but BEST for Pneumonia and Cat Caught Squirrels

2.  Chloro - old school rodent antibiotic that is being used again for new bugs immune to Baytril 

3.  Flagyl - used to get rid of Giardia - a butt kicking medication!! ---> Don't leave Home with out IT 

4.  DEX - Steroid, used to treat head trauma & reduce swelling - may prevent neurological damage

5.  Metacam - used to treat pain in small animals --->  Vet will dose per weight of each animal

6.  SMZ-TMP (bactrim) (sulfatrim) - A good antibiotic for wounds and infections - gentle on UTI's

7.  Prednisone - Steroid, used to reduce swelling and problems after a fall..... given for 5 to 7 days

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