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                                 It can take 30 to 60 days to acclimate a squirrel to the WILD!          


Basic Release
1. When 4 months old place squirrel(s) in safe outside release cage 
2. Continue to feed as you did inside, but now include more wild food
3. Spend time with them during the 1st week to help them adjust
4. During 2nd week Start the process of FEED & LEAVE - NO CONTACT
5. Average time frame in release cage is 30 days - poss up to 60 days
6. When you open their door to FREEDOM remain for a short while 
7. Securely lock their cage every night IF they return home to sleep 
8. Make sure to leave fresh food & water while they return, 30 days. 

Release Cage should Include: 
Nest Box
Food Bowls
Water Bottle
Covering for Top
Branches for Climbing
 never release a squirrel before it turns 14 weeks old / 4 months
After release continue to feed up to 1 month while they Adjust
vegetables, plants, hhb - squirrel block, fruit, nuts
see our food list:  Food


                                     Release Cage  - - PICS


 Here are diff types of release cages I have personally used outside --best bar spacing should be no

more than 1 inch a part for the safety of the Squirrel - 1/2 inch is better.

Raccoon's, starving Possums and other Predators are always out there looking and waiting

for a good meal that cannot get away so quickly when caged.






                                     Before Considering Release

All squirrels should be healthy and able to open

a shelled walnut with its teeth.

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